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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco If there was no internet beef then there would be a ton of pictures and no bullshit....i mean who wants that anyway?
  2. TAPSit


    The throw up reads SIL not SIE, and really only a 8/10? Silencer is the man
  3. Or maybe they shouldn't cause: A. It would not be good for there health and B. with out AQ there would hardly be any good graffiti in SF but what do i know ive only been writing since 72
  4. Leser puts his shit in a "KEEP" thread then gets hated on...wow...you would really have to be a dumb ass to post your shit in someone elses thread...and the only ppl more retarded then leser is the fuckin ppl that bump him on here...HAHAHA
  5. TAPSit


    Is there really a need to know were dudes from?....just enjoy the pics dope work Optimist..
  6. step your game up SD.......4 real!
  7. Re: Don't Call it Frisco agreed..on both hollyroller's comments^^^
  8. Calling someone an illegal immigrant isn't a rasict comment...
  9. some real shit....these dudes dont fuck around. i know that for a fact
  10. yes yes Im sure they sell things for much much more then 400...but i was just going off the prints being sold on revok's site...:rolleyes:
  11. Re: east bay shits hhmmm wonder why the east bay thread always gets closed? maybe cause a couple shitty pics get posted (talking in genreal not attacking the pics that were just posted) then there is four or five pages of bullshit shit talking...hahaha so lets end the cycle huh?
  12. If you appeal to a large audience, then you make money...who knows a big name company may also sponsor them..i.e. Montana or Belton. which can pay for trips or shows...but when you can sell a print on a canvas for 400...then you've made it...and with how good they are...I'm sure that selling they're art is a big part of they're income...but thats just a guess?...someday i hope to be where they are in the eye of the public...but who doesnt...i suppose only time will tell..
  13. just go to a hobby shop...or a place online where they sale model trains...come on now
  14. someone is an outfeild fan....
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