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  1. oh leave the simpsons pics alone, needed a day flik of that whyd you go down there its a pretty secluded spot?
  2. diggin that W on the swupe looks funky as hell
  3. even heaps of day spots get buffed or you get capped in 2 days, perth just sucks in general i think we can all agree on that.
  4. quality if the buff wasnt so hectic,
  5. its clearly someone bored with there time rambling shit,
  6. that 3d on the camo filled pure looks killa,
  7. i bet everyone who comes on hear has redtube.com or youporn.com opend in another tab or window,
  8. who cares what flicks are posted , i thought this site was about perth graffiti, who gives a shit, its sumthing to look at whether its the same or different, the more flicks to scroll threw the better. SO everyone post as much as possible.
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