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  1. I have graff movie 4 trade if any one want to trade email me at eight08boy@gmail.com
  2. well asalt bin locked up there a new ask show no respect say fuck te and uk lol his crew is called ak http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=114933222
  3. I need some some comments. this is my fist drawing of this name
  4. here some newer shit it is better then that others tell me wut u think
  5. shit cuz it is old i dont got 1 camrea so the only pick i got are kinda old
  6. any mour feedback 3 one was done a long time ago and i know the arrow are gay any thing eles
  7. it just a quick peace becuz evey one just tear the sticker down
  8. new name could use some feedback
  9. uhm, i'ma toy too bro so dunno how much help i'll be but figured i could pointcha places i go to get em. UHAUL believe it or not has a big ass marker that is used to write on boxes n shit. also, hit up uh walmart or hobby lobby for the paint markers, the ones you shake. i dunno wat shoe mops are so ib et wat i jus posted was worthless... Quoted post [/b] u can get a pilot jumbo marker ther like 3-4 buck and ther pretty fat
  10. i will post some of my better stuff soon i got 2 scan it
  11. Any one eles have any advice on this
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