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  1. start on simple letters...u and a friend of mine has da same style except dat his stuff is way better...but yeah pratice datz all i hafta say....
  2. dat looks more like a tag..are u new at this?
  3. damm dork i saw ur stuff on da way bak to chicago when i past thru downtown dallas so dope.....
  4. holla at me if ur 847 aim me u know da dealioz!peace
  5. a little doodle i did awhile ago.... :king:
  6. oh shit ey i think i met ya!im not sure if it was u lol..it was at shanburg party well get 2getha..i came wit ma sister n her friend i was da youngest in thur...iono i was fuk up all i heard was sum dude freestyling on and on...oh yeah we were in an apartment lol ...well holla bak! SLIM :huh2:
  7. so many great writers in chi town!any1 from da 847 or 630? :king: holla bak! :yuck:
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