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  1. hahaha holy shit. i think i got a blowjob from you in the max fish last week. i was pretty wasted.
  2. i drop money down now get that money girl. i drop money down now get that money girl. i have the original IWEARPINKSHIRTS picture in my wallet. someday, maybe i'll scan it again. oh yeah.... i surf now. ha. east coast digital fart 2foot wave bullshit. whats your name blackass im a tame wackass. make his beard grow! you wouldnt recognize me in my cowboy boots and my new richard greico beat jammin big man monroe mustachio guido steelo.
  3. hahaha all these fuckin kenny g ass train geeks who listen to jedi mind tricks or shit like that. i remember why i left this in the first place. the hawaiian dance loonies and latenight aussie fashion fruits are the glue that holds the ship together. i saw some trains once. but i dont remember. im not gonna talk about drugs though. im too clever. i used to do drugs. i still do. but i used to, too. pushup swimwear homosexual posse 2005. girls love boys who love boys who love girls who are boys who dont know what the hell is goin on. shamballa niggas. shine on bro. i gotta get some new pink socks to go with my metro card. whoooo weee.
  4. hahaha are you serious? i wanna take a picture of this and send it to vice DONTs. and frate raper... i dunno who you are man. never heard.
  5. nice to talk to you too seeking. ha. you need to drink some herbal tea... take a moment of silence and re-align your chakras.
  6. sick. cold flu whatever it sucks. -red motorhead tshirt -black and white lacoste sweater -black levis premiums 32x32 -black and blue and grey nike dunk mids -red socks (banana republic) -no underwear. -black belt (volcom) listening to demons and wizards. drinking herbal tea with colodial silver.
  7. i escaped. i was in a year long program and stayed 2 months. i was sober for like 5 or so... then you know, i gotta be me. then i visited portland an wiled out for a bit... now im back on the east coast getting ready for my africa-tokyo-europe-austrailia tour which kicks off in perth, aus. in feb 2005.
  8. yep, i dunno if anyone i used to talk to is still on here... but yeah, i escaped rehab and now im living on the east coast. word. popgunwar. pseudoprep®2004-forever. i kinda missed this site.
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