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  1. you sure about that? sure looks like art to me
  2. u guys are some of the most pissed off pot heads i've ever seen lolz... here's something to make you laugh
  3. did anyone mention that NO ONE CARES? shut the fuck up and post pics, that's what this site is for. get each other's IM's so you can bitch
  4. Out of all the ppl you could pick to wear your BombChicago shirts, you had to pick those two. Great job
  5. wasn't talking about the shirts, just speaking generally. and yes, those shirts are garbage. "we recommend black for the night time," yeah right get the fuck outta here
  6. its funny how the ppl who complain about all the shit-talking on this site end up talking shit themselves...
  7. how big are those hense canvases?
  8. wtf if you're watching the bears game right now you should just turn it off... it'll trigger suicidal thoughts
  9. damn that athel floater on the last page is sick... dope spot
  10. who advertises a party on 12oz? either a cop or an idiot that wants people to come and kill his party. i miss the chicago thread. MODs suck
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