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  1. look ..were both on at the same time u idiots!
  2. yea that's great but we are not the same people..well now i got to go and show this shit to her...damn... she's going to die
  3. DOn't ever put me in a category with a low life like that!
  4. u know wut y don't u guys leave her alone..she's a great person... I know her and her teeth aren't that bad in person..it's the fuckin picture..no one has good pics!
  5. and to top it off she respects all u graff writers ... and for the record it ain't her she would rather die than have her pics posted on the internet believe me she ain't got the time ! to busy studyin or workin..this girl is too smart for shit like this! u asshole trixrforkids!
  6. hey u fuckin bastardtrixrforkids give the disk back to her...I know her u asshole and if i ever find u im going to kck ur ass for postin her pics on the internet!ASSHOLE :hatred:
  7. aoneske


    how did u guess a library ... ...she's buddy buddy with the president of the board and half of the board... The confrontation thing looks like it'll work but i need a persn who won't blow their cover...and I can't quit I have to pay for school... I need a second job too. so i guess i'm pretty much fucked! :hatred:
  8. aoneske


    sorry ...not a video store..my job is easier than that!
  9. aoneske


    Ok people... the past couple of weeks my boss has been a total ass! She has no respect for people ... I was workin the other day and a couple of kids walk in and I guess she labeled them the "trouble makers" so she calls me to the back and says ..."keep an eye on them , I don't understand why they are here everyday? Why don't they do us a favor and go back to their own country" and the whole time I was thinkin what a Bitch! Then on another occasion she saw a couple of african american people walked in ...I guess there were a lot of em' and she's like keep an eye on the DVD's and make sure u watch em' when they leave... so any way How would u go about tellin your boss that she's a rascist bitch and that she has no consideratrion for other people without getting fired? Remember I've been workin here for 3 years now and I like my job... just not the boss
  10. after a lot of thinkin and talkin over this with some more peeps I've decided to stay in school and finish wut i was doin...then somewhere a little later down the road I'll open up my bookstore ..so when it opens u all better come down to Chicago and buy some books, eat , and sip back on some beverages at my bookstore! thanx for the help
  11. so ur sayin i shouldn't open a booskstore because of competition and u guys think i won't make it?
  12. actually ..yes ..yes I do.. my friend works at a library and she talks to the people who come in and outta there and they tell her exactly wut they'd like to see in a bookstore and wut types of materials catch their attention we've been doin research on this for almost a year now... so yea i think i got wut the people want!
  13. but yea I know about all these neat lil websites..but people would rather come and see wut i got to give first before sellin out to the net! I got somethin that borders ..and all those fucked up websites don't!
  14. Bookstore I think Is a good Idea but u guys put some stuff in perepctive for me ...If I finish my schooling to be a teacher... wut kind o teacher that would be a history techer... then I can save up money while teaching and be successful I already got $6,000.00 saved up from my shitty ass job right now...Then I could take a loan out too ... and u ask how I will put those big businesses out o business...Well I got one great friend that's actually smart ... and once u put in idea in her head she can't stop thinkin about it...so she will be the matermind behind all of my success...maybe i'll go into business with her! wuttya think?
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