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  1. shock5

    Graff Girls

    Yeah, you're right, man. It's just easy to get pissed off when you're doin what u love and there's bored ass fools just waitin to talk shit about the next "bitch" who gets up. I could really give a shit what some faceless username has to say about my art. Or anybody else for that matter, I don't paint for anyone but me. If they wanna critique it, that's more than cool. That's how u learn right? That doesn't make me wanna hurt them any less when they're obviously just looking for reasons to insult me. All while hiding behind a fkn keyboard too. WEAK!! Well, thanx for the tips. (Even though u were just talkin shit too.) I'll take the vag points. Piece.
  2. shock5

    Graff Girls

    Ya know, U just keep provin how simple u really are. OOOH, if I cook as bad as I write. Bwahaha! Good one, dude, you really gave me something to think about. I'm gonna give up painting and focus on learning to cook for my future husband. You're a fkn douche. Stop hatin, it's just art, ASSHOLE!!!
  3. shock5

    Graff Girls

    Funny, I can read it just fine. And THIS is gay ass font. Thanx though, I'll keep that in mind.
  4. shock5

    Graff Girls

    Yeah, brilliant observation, bitch! You think this thread/site is here so u jack asses can sit around and wait for some "bitch" to throw up her heart and soul just so u can talk about her titties and her fuckin sunburn? That burn comes from paintin in the sun all day, not sittin around talkin shit like a bunch of closed-minded Archie Bunkers. 12oz is for writers. PERIOD! It don't matter if they're male or female, give respect to those who pay respect to the art, or you don't even know what graff's about.
  5. shock5

    Graff Girls

    </img> </img> Some Denver shit
  6. Hell ya, I'll give em pussy, cuz I think writing is sexy!!! It takes a brave man, a creative man, and a man who will risk everything for his passion.
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