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  1. :lol: this thread fucking sucks now, no one is organized enough to run it


    and get these fuckin toys outta here, toys go battle on mindgem and bombingscience where

    everyone there will hold ur little dicks and tell you how great you are



    i agree its not organised

    but i don't think its fair that the toys can't battle in here.Its experience at the end of the day

    and its what they need even if they dont win no one should hold there lil dicks and tell them how great they are cause i certainly wont


    quit bickering and get battlin ;):D

  2. i meant the garage..met with sank and this other kid..who hit my book up..not that great but watever...some "king" came in there..saw how toy the blackbook was and the dude from the store gave him a saw..and the nigga sawed it in half...it was pretty funny....


    YO IM LIKING THIS NOW short n niceeeee just makes it so neater i think keep it up dawg

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