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  1. wouldah never pegged you as someone who watches the history channel
  2. I lost my photobucket pw, so those are attached.. i cant hit enter.. still stolen.
  3. Just so we have something to look at in between all this conversation... all stolen.
  4. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread hm... good point... my fault for comin off pigish if i did... just curious ya know
  5. hmm... not trying to be a gossip whore here or anything... but im curious as to why? and oh yeah i did mean that comment for jersey only, i know a lot of out of stater heads who arent in multiple of the three
  6. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread If you dont mind me asking here... what the fuck is the difference between dethkult, mayhem and FH. Im not trying to sound ignorant or obnoxious but it seems like the three crews have mainly the same members, and the people who put up one seem to put up at least one other, or sometimes both... but i know you guys have three different prez's and histories and shit so im not saying your all one crew... well actually come to think of it i dont really know what im saying at all.. meh... just a side observation.
  7. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread Who are both of those eyes over, i cant tell..
  8. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread Yeah... I like the chip quote "fuck my girlfriend"
  9. I see what your saying and im not defending the wackness... but everyones gotta start somewhere... as long as they arent goin over anything, and they respect the rules... no harm done really... i mean.. we were all there at one point or another.. .hell i still am basically.. kids just need to learn they need to stay in the books for a while before they go out and ugly up our state.
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