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  1. id like to know some spanish so i could understand what these fuckers are talking about in my neighborhood.
  2. me either, but my girlfriend does. ill pay her back though.....someday:eek:
  3. hotshot


    i dont know how to do that
  4. bush will find the wapons of ass destruction! http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~mcgovern/bush.jpg'>
  5. hotshot


    blacking out is scary. i do it way too much, and wonder how i even get home alive. do any of you have this problem? i gotta quit drinking.
  6. so im gonna buy a new amp and guitar today. im thinking about a vintage Gibson SG, and a Marshall Artist 3023(i think those are the numbers) half stack. i hope there is enough wattage. what do you play, or what would you like to play?:)
  7. i dont have the plug in, so there for i dont give a fuck!!!
  8. i have had enough of men, i said i wont get burned again, he shared with me a nice disease, kept me passive on my knees.......and i said i wanted more!!!!:crazy:
  9. http://www.summerwindquarterhorses.com/OscarEatingPoop.jpg'>
  10. all ive gotta say is that if thats real, thats just fucked! ive got a sense of humor, but not that much. i just dont think its that funny when cicilians die, and people make a joke of it.:o
  11. no wonder suicide bombing is way hotter on that side of the planet.... theyre way better at that than graff.:crazy:
  12. i thought it was just your middle name and the street you grew up on.....in that case, im.....wait... are you a cop?
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