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  1. for all u bitch talkers out there who bring up my name......thanks a bunch! It's great to see how much i get to you.....just think its only been a year.......u fuckers are doomed!!!!!!! Jome..i really liked what u did to me n ruks train...did the nsf give u pat on the back...or they ate your pusss!!!! Bye the way we blazed that train again!!!! Your wack, stay off our shit. Ur selfpromoting sellouts.....maybe if I post my stuff i'll get recognition,hahahahahaa. shouts,n props lite feber ale red fred evil 21 ono ouch rukus moka sikes pres
  2. jerks on my dick You guys make me laugh.....awwwwwwwwwwwe are u gettin upset with me? aesia u know the truth!! Mikro are u strugglin to read them words out of a dictionary...I bet it took u three hours to come up with that unglorifiable excuse of terminology to create a proper comeback in your own self-pity, as knowing that your a worthless existence in man-kind, futurama has suicide booths... pay the toll u fucking fool!!!!!!!!! My clubhouse is where your girlfriends lost their virginity, if u would like your heart back,and what decency you had..please step forward!!! Progressing to make bigger fools of yourselves...only furthermore increases my laughter...give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (whatever lives is born to die)
  3. not knowin yo turners, ur too young to waste my time! thought we were cool anyway...what happened? You tryin to front to make friends??? went under cres out of respect!!!! (dont take me serious, i'm no joke)
  4. what the fuck i'm glad to be makin friends,,maybe one day we'll paint together. I know you like my throwups so much, your comments are very much appreciated. Ever seen my burners....no....then u dont get out. Hows your upper lip taste......im guessin pretty shitty. cross me out. you'll get crossed out...by the way sign ur diss! mikro hit me up???
  5. hahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha...mikro your pieces are so dope dude.......mad props hahahahahaha. My sketchbook would probably look alot better with a mikro piece in it! much love! props 2 poop realm soviet fred
  6. hahaha laughter all around...very intellectual! As your therapist i advise you to never speak your opinion, or verbally try to assfuck a superior again! Nice try though! Keep In Touch.
  7. mikro pecker I AM GOD..MY NAME IS MIKRO....dont introduce yourself..nobody cares! Your a pawn in my advanced chess game..yours truly Riot! Example: never seen a mikro fill in....only MI.....So grab some tampons or a can of paint...it's alright that everyone knows your preference! Sorry computer! Ruckus: 4 years ago talkin shit about kerz..but he'll burn u with his left!
  8. city slicker put away dad's cub scout knife...internet cant show yourself! i love u all.......peace
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