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  1. hey hey I'm not gay fuck you fags I like fine ladies only.
  2. MrZeSo

    The Beatles

    onesecond go to the church thread and read carefully the post i posted then read it over again hahahahaha
  3. MrZeSo

    The Beatles

    hehehe onesecond is hating. he wants everyone to think he is smart but he just a geek wasting his time, tell people what to do fool you arent shit fuck iquit onesecond you my broken toy is play with now
  4. onesecond you computer geek, i dont care what you think, you dont know anything about me. and the picture you posted is you when you were born your mother probably sucked too much horse dick and look how you came out. hahahahahaha you need to accept it, its you.
  5. onesecond go become a english teacher, why you worried about my grammer?
  6. hahahaha tease you iquit cock sucka why you up in my grill bitch i'll put you in your place i a did iquit :king:
  7. MrZeSo

    The Beatles

    iloveboxcars you a funny drunk person Elvis was the king
  8. no english is not my second langauge you dumb fucker mistakes mistakes do pencil have erasers? yes or no question iquit iquit you my new toy i am going to start playing with.
  9. MrZeSo

    The Beatles

    be on MrZeSo's dick group has started with leaders onesecondple and iquit. I wonder who follows these assholes?:lol:
  10. Happy you freakin jerk it's late get off my dick bitch
  11. I started to listen to the beatles songs. Old old oldies I like music and lyrics that I can vibe to. anyone know more great hits from them?
  12. Guys and Gals I am in the middle when it comes to church My first girlfriend I had was going to church by force still is I'm not with church or against it If it has postive things that help many people get through the day great! right now in my I dont care for being part of "christians group" but I wont hate on it.
  13. deto you silly bitch if there is a hell going to it deto for one changing form boy to teen girl thats loves pink second for wasting your time on nazi fags ss and vanity pfff fuck that in hell you will probably a free old woman that get it in your butt by everyone there also in you break you will probably have you head up your own ass
  14. how do you all feel about the Good Book?(the Bible)
  15. not mad with red in the face just mean looking
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