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  1. His pieces are nice,but his ego is just as bad as cope.Read the iunterview on bombingscience
    . Only If You Knew....That nigga is one of the most chill motherfukers..Trust me dog..then again as quoted on that Solid Cold video..."If you got the work to prove it..why not???"
  2. Im postin from my phone so I can't use the quote button..But to dude upthere usin the pussy ass comeback "Ill bet you'll never say that shit to his face"..I hate when people make it seem like u can't say shit to certain people..Would "I" say that shit to his face..Yes I would..Would I get my ass get knock the fuck out..I have to admit probably with the quickness..but I wouldn't go out like a bitch..seems like u would...anyways..back on topic...Forrest "Run "Griffin just got whooped by sumone better than him..simple as that..Dude made em look like a toy and he just felt stupid..If he was hurt why didn't a person from his team speak up and say so at the post-fight..Dana said he aint seen him ever since..he even made a joke bout his wherebouts..Im pretty sure Dana bein president of the UFC would know about a fighter condition after a fight and would announce that Griffins Jaw was Dislocated/Broken..Silva was just fuken off the hook..He had those Matrix moves n shit..Dog, niggas outhere gettin knocked the fuck out for free..They gettin paid to fight..if u get ur ass whoop..Get up and act like a real Man..Suck it up..Go back and train harder..u still gettin paid pimpin..!!!!...Fuck it im goin back to my BBQ and Beer..!!..Ya have a good one..

  3. whats really good punk ass motherfuckahz?

    How you bitches been?

    PM me on the next piecing battle ya turd fuck ass wipes..

    Thanks ass holes.

    Love ta burn yall to ashes soon ya fuck turd shit faces.




    Sayyyy Whaaaaaa..You making a comeback??..I should too..Hahahahahah..


    i give change to homeless people(dont know if this counts)




    I give em change most of the time..I dont like the ones that ask straight out for a $1 or 2..I've bought a Hooker a burrito before..She was old , and she was really hungry, I told her to order anythin she wanted but I wouldnt give her money for drugs..She got a fatass burrito and a soda..I like the ones that are just fuken honest with you..When they say, "I need a beer I aint gone lie to you."..fuck it, here goes $3 go get yourself a 40oz homie..Heh..I would appreciate sum folks to buy me a beer if I was homeless..A lot of them people been through fuken hell..They had it all at one point.. family, job, money, houses cars..it takes one slip to end up all fuked up..doesnt justify anything but sumtimes it just happens..I feel em, I know how it is to lose everything and start from ground up..luck was on my side tho, I had the blessing of havin family to back me up..

  5. anyone see the numbers out of 100 wonder if that was a time span goal and wonder how long it was



    It was a goal to paint as many throw ups and pieces in one month....Got up to 70 sumthing....Keep in mind more than half were full color ,background with characters Pieces..

  6. "Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know

    that we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddily"



    One of my favorite songs..he killed with that verse..


    RIP BIG PUN..!!

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