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  1. dont jump to conclusions. claiming someone went over tie is some serious shit.
  2. anyone know the story behind him not repping KCW anymore?? still by far one of the best of his time.
  3. <!--QuoteBegin-meatcleaver@Mar 22 2006, 07:31 PM love is getting hacked the fuck up tonight Quoted post not to throw in on talk, but why would you come to SF and write Lover and not expect anything to happen?
  4. that sestoe is fresh. looks like it was done with generic paint.
  5. KR repping THR and Amaze repping OPM. rare edition flicks.
  6. someone called the cops on doper. doper didnt call the cops.
  7. damn dude, now youre looking like a bitch.
  8. ^^i think this is hilarious.^^ Artistic Juveniles is just a way of calling yourselves young "free spirits". Aerosol Junkies is the way to go.
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