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  1. lol i think teen vogue is wrong dude last night at the clubs girls were wearing just as little as always....... Thank God!, i guess that doesnt really apply though cause older girls dont ride the pop train so hard
  2. hey man i feel ya i was always trying to quit , then after id been sayign i was gonna quit for about 5 years (lol thats also how long i smoked) i finally made it 2 days without a cig whihc was big for me and i was gonna collapse but i bought the patch instead and it took a good month on that shit to finally be free of nicotine but it was worth it and if you figure out the nicotine in the patches theyre not more expensive then if youre smoking lights.. i dont know i enjoyed smoking but there was too many reasons to quit goodluck if you decide to take the plunge
  3. ..... has anyone read the rules? no drug talk? or am i reatrded .. whatever yeah cmon everybody lets be inaproipiate and smoke dank nug till our brains bleed wooooo
  4. :lol: hahahaha :lol: lol thats cool though i always wanted to see that , some girl at a party once claimed she had one but it turned out she was hammered and had a mole on her chest..then she made out with another girl....it was a cool party
  5. its a bad idea but if you dont youre probably gonna regret it for a along time and thats a worse idea, i had a teacher senior year that told me about how shes still lactating whenever she has sex and i personally regret never gettign to see that, but you actually can get it on with the teacher so i say go for it:yum:
  6. lol yeah there are wells everywhere out in rich folk land a friend of mine has an uncle who knows some guy whos seen some wells near rich folks houses, straight up no lie lol... man i hope this is true though:lol:
  7. hahaha i got a new hero, anyone know where this clip is from? :lol:
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