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  1. Originally posted by TheTruthHrtz

    Once again...Prismas are for paper-not canvas.

    Paint markers work on canvas (decocolors,

    speedball painters, etc).


    actually they DO make prizma paint pens now.... but theyre pretty fuken hard to find.... and for that last canvas, i used decocolor... an cut-tip a sharpie for the fills..... oh and colorific!!! those bitches r tha shyttz:king:....!! (but u gotta do more than 1 cote...)

  2. Angry Kids

    jus in case anyone didnt knoe, that flick above is from.... -ummm.... holy roller. so .... yea,lol idk i was jus bored an felt lyke editing his flick together for him... aight, so dont be gettin confused peopoz

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