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  1. yeah, i dont know what happened to them lately , but their old shit is great i think electric larry land was their last good one
  2. id have to say rock...hip hops boring and played out:D
  3. ran through the sprinkler with my gym shorts on ...barenaked fags!
  4. sorry, im european, we dont have google over here.
  5. i was just wondering how old the olson twins are now.....do you think theyre legal yet?...i just dont want to feel guilty when i watch this movie right now...:confused: :yum:
  6. osama bin huge.......sick!
  7. you are all cunts anyway.........stupid, fag ,trendy, wannabe graff writers:king:
  8. bostons all about the beef. lets just see who gets up and who the real art fags are. junk graff is artsy in this town.....at least thats who gets the respect. i may not be making sense right?....hmm? i could give a shit about some dork who has respect with the ladies... just get up fools, dont play! this shouldnt be a thread, but its true.....
  9. y ou try walkin tru da real ghetto
  10. miffy


    so my new yrs reso failed... i wanted to quit booze.... smokes.... and meat i hit baltimore 10 hours later and smoked a pack......... i got to knoxville and almost killed myself, so got wasted by the time i hit the bayou, i just had to try the seafood. i cant quit.. but i still love life
  11. wheres your birthday cake motherfucker?....im stahvin'
  12. miffy


    fuck you snowboarding, psuedo, hippy faggots!! buy my lift ticket and ill teach you how to run into a tree.
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