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  1. abortedfetus

    seriiusly, what the fuck is up with australia?

    yeah, Australia was mad soft
  2. abortedfetus

    seriiusly, what the fuck is up with australia?

    ok homie. you ever been to the USA?
  3. abortedfetus

    Apology to Americans (for Kilo)

    ^^^^ hahahah what a bum! anyway... Ive been to Montreal for 2 weeks and Toronto for 2 weeks 2 weeks isnt much, but here is my input as an American from one of the 3 biggest cities. ahem... Toronto- easy to boost. Montreal- easier. Toronto- bad cops. Montreal- worse cops. Toronto- easy women. Montreal- medium women. Toronto- little graffiti. Montreal- little graffiti. Toronto- little beef. Montreal- no beef. Toronto- get a car. Montreal- get a car. Toronto- hockey? Montreal-hockey!! Toronto- bad nightlife. Montreal- average nightlife. Toronto- more American. Montreal- average American. (heh) where would I prefer to go? Toronto, however, we are not all the same, or then everyone in the world would be in Toronto.
  4. abortedfetus

    Are you a disrespectful person?

    ^^^ i bet your overweight
  5. abortedfetus

    am news stations

    i was wondering if anyone here listens to am news stations and how 1) it makes them feel like grown ups -40 older 2) they always have a group of ladies to choir out the news station like its the fucking 1920s 3) they report traffic and weather every 8 minutes 4) they dont give news at night, 10pm till like 4 am, instead they have some shit like a book on tape 5) the newscasters on the radio sound like they would be assholes in real life 6) the coverage of actual news is as shitty as TV news 7) someone in the morning,(usually an old guy), once a week, is always tuned in to that shit loud as fuck that you can hear it across the street ...yup
  6. abortedfetus

    am news stations

    ^^^ haha the truth is, I actually think that I would be a great fucking AM or FM DJ. Ive done it before for almost 4 months back in fall 2001, but I got in huge beef with my boss cause I fucked his wife and she snitched, and, well.... thats the end of that. its not easy getting a DJ spot, I had connections, whom also eventually quit cause of me...and are also on to better things. damn, I still would make a great DJ
  7. abortedfetus

    seriiusly, what the fuck is up with australia?

    i dont live in Australia, Ive been there, TO WRITE. Where Exactly? Sydney and Melbourne. dammit, I don care what you say homie, graffiti in Australia is much more tolerated than in the USA. We have Vandal Squads, Graffiti Blasters, Graffiti Task Forces, Vandal Units, etc..etc...etc... Our police officers shoot at us and have killed us many times. Our fellow citizens as well. USA is famous for murders. Murder is a term that Australia doesnt worry too much about. Australians talk funny English, which makes them funny, which means they are laughing allot at eachother cause the way they talk, which means they are usually in a good mood. Americans speak serious, not boring(think British), modern English that does not sound funny, so they do not laugh when they hear each other talk, so they are not usually in a good mood like Australians. Australians have kangaroos to look at and wonder what the hell that thing is and shit. Americans have no wierd giant animals running around wild everywhere you look. Australian citizens get along with eachother. Our fellow citizens hate each other because they are so different looking, whites hate blacks, blacks hate whites, latins hate whites, asians hate whites, europeans hate whites, russians hate whites, arabs hate whites, east indians hate whites, native indians hate whites, hispanics hate whites, and the eskimos in Alaska hate whites.
  8. abortedfetus

    seriiusly, what the fuck is up with australia?

    ^^^^ so I exagerated a little, that wasnt my point anyway My point about that was that the USA doesnt tolerate writing as much as those fucks in Europe and Australia. Shit, the USA doesnt tolerate anything as much as them, like nudity on TV or weed. I like writing USA instead if US. I dont know why. it sounds more official.
  9. abortedfetus

    am news stations

    yeah they suck...theyre a fucking headache.
  10. abortedfetus

    penis growth pills work!

    I wouldnt need them. and by the way, being a man with a big dick is great, I feel sorry for all you white guys out there.
  11. abortedfetus

    Need for Speed: Underground

    need for speed 2 underground is a great fucking game too, I stole it a weekk ago.
  12. abortedfetus


    yeah ummmm.. I also go with boogie hands.
  13. abortedfetus

    i want to go to CUBA...

    ^^^^ damn homie in high school you was the man homie what the fuck happened to you?
  14. abortedfetus

    12oz coloring book

    why did pmb put his initials up their?
  15. abortedfetus

    seriiusly, what the fuck is up with australia?

    well they blow up spots allot cause theres barely any consequences compared to the consequences americans get. America has declared a "War of Graff" but Europe and Australian tolerate that shit allot more, Ive been in both places, and you can tag in front of a cop and get a $5 dollar ticket if anything, and the people just love it, unlike americans, who grew to hate it and think its gang related or negative impretions in general. all in all, that website is just another example of how every country wants to be us except ourselves. kinda like a "cool rebel" with allot of problems thats going to hell for the things he does.
  16. abortedfetus

    turkey gravy flavored soda

    i tried it. tasted like chicken.
  17. abortedfetus

    Cop This Album (+recommendations)

    ^^^ shit Im gonna cop that shit
  18. abortedfetus

    Writing your own name

    i write my own name and hears shit thats happened: 1- an art college professor of mine told me he saw me up, and liked it. I told him it was someone framing me. hahaha. 2- I got bagged, and the pork aked me what it says, I told him my name, he said he respected me for my balls and let me sit in the front seat while two other porks sat in the back. 3- my father saw me up and mentioned it. 4- random girls I just meet tell me they saw me up and its an awesome feeling and unique conversation starter. 5-Its a name that probably only 5 other people have in this entire country (USA), and I havent met anyone with this name ever anywhere in my life, so when I get bugged about it by people with authority, not necessarily pork, I say I was framed, or I act like I know and say its pissing me off too and I think its a friend of mine that does graffiti and likes my name and I give htem all the info of that friend(which is all fake). 6-Im expecting to get in a mess one day, a mess Ill regret. i could go on...but im tired
  19. abortedfetus

    who would you rather fuck

    if boogie hands wasnt on that list, i would have chosen church girl church girls are FREAKS.so yes. girl next door is an ugly blonde (airhead).so no. slut is a good one. so yes. la boggette hands sounds french and hairy.so no. and the "hell no, not boogie hands" is not boogie hands.so no.
  20. abortedfetus

    Anti Bush Protest 11-20-2003

    duh, you retards, havent you figured it out YET. media=what people want to see. so, assuming MJ is on the front page, then most ppl want that. remember this, you are in a graffiti message board while most people are not..yeah..ummm your a minority!
  21. abortedfetus

    male birth control

    cmoooon, why does everyone keep thinking of this shit, just enjoy the sex, and wear a durex if its not your wife. there, now no one ever talk about this shit again... pshhhhh, i hate people who keep thinking od conequences and never enjoy the moment.
  22. abortedfetus

    my girl holds me down

    maaaaan, you got it made. i wanna try confusing people too... my girl sucks!
  23. abortedfetus

    Movie Weekend

    I saw ELF I laughed.. I cried.. I fell asleep
  24. abortedfetus

    Are you a disrespectful person?

    excuse me, I'm sorry for interupting, but may I add that I am perhaps the most respectful young man one will ever encounter. thank you
  25. abortedfetus

    Tease gave me an idea...

    i sleep in the living room and set it up to look like a traditional middle eastern living room cause I saw that shit in a magazine and it looked p*i*m*p