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  1. boombap


  2. oohhh hey im from melb....junez did sum stuff down ere a while ago ill try and post the flickz but his shit iz mad haz he done any recent stufff... if so post MORE!!!:D
  3. boombap

    Graff Girls

    Re: Graff gyals hey can u email me at pmuj01@hotmail.com tryin to get contact wit different writers im a kat from australia
  4. hey..... hey i wrote u an email..can u email me back at pmuj@hotmail.com im the dude from australia
  5. yo u katz from sydney POST SUM DREAM STUFF UP PLZ!!! :king: :king:
  6. thanx for postin more persue stufff that style iz hot.... and i like the bunnykittty caro...
  7. boombap


    how come ces dont rep fx no more just wonderin..???? :confused:
  8. just wonerdin does dream still write???? can sum1 post sum dream flickz thanxx:)
  9. fffrrrreeessshhh hey im a writer from australia and that piece wit the bunnykitty iz FFFRREESSHH who did it and can u post more..mad skillz
  10. boombap

    Graff Girls

    Re: Re: ???? aahhh kool...well u tell those crazy monkeys if they wanna trade flickz wit a kat from australia 2 email me at mickey_bunny@hotmail.com..... ....laterzzz :)
  11. boombap

    Graff Girls

    ???? did u do this piece...? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  12. yoyoyo yo im gonna email u sum picz hope u dont mind.... its mickey_bunny@hotmail.com
  13. boombap


    hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: aint that the truth,,,,,,,, i will always love the dandy line...
  14. ????? im not sure if this dude was from your part but...... junes bwp... come round 2 my side of melburn a while back and did sum peices get back to me if he iz so i can post em 4 all u katzz...:confused:
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