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drink fr8s

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  1. mr cwalk i had my moderator homie trace your ip address and it matches ivamptoys. figured it was you when you didnt make a single post all of a sudden and then theres some new name talking the same lame shit but no one knows who it is. i can post your ip address on here too if you would like me to.
  2. bump bump bump bump it up
  3. i like every fucking piece even the damn met
  4. Re: flash money whats this guy talking about? hahahahahaha:confused:
  5. Re: Re: Hermit Emailed Me and Requested This dude, do you think he can jsut walk around in the yard?
  6. jome snore strut elder afex clouds snipe...damn i cant remember what else i liked
  7. ivamptoys=dreos. god will you shut the fuck up no one wants to hear your every negative opinion. your tbk homies already got fucking punked by gs and wh and they look like a bunch of pussies for not responding. just shut up
  8. police stel fink madism i love it
  9. best crooks i have ever seen. looks like hes not HORRIBLE anymore. the move is nice too
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