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  1. Yo ceap . unfortunatly im back in shitty england , didnt get the chance to visit welly although i really wanted to, BUT i will be coming bk this year at some point. this thread is super fresh , burners all around heres 1 i did this weekend says byes (yesb jumbled up)
  2. [/img my email is tgscrew@hotmail.com if sum1 could get bk to me that would be awesome
  3. hey im from england and im coming to NZ end of next month can any1 help me find a shop that sells paint and hopefully a hookup so i can paint some walls with you guys il post some of my stuff or you can chek www.myspace.com/printscreen25
  4. yo askew im still comin NZ 19th (u remember) anyway chek my page http://www.myspace.com/printscreen25 im gona be in christchurch stayin at a friends but we gona come to aukland to paint. if you get a chance mail me tgscrew@hotmail.com
  5. Ermmm says buster painted
  6. yesBoss

    On my travels

    one of th best threads iv looked at nice 1 :idea:
  7. yesBoss

    uk wall flixs

    http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00412732f00000012.jpg'> :cool:
  8. capslock you thjnk i post my shit 2 get coments ,the only reason i put stuff on here is 2 keep bumpin the thread an showin wot can b dun
  9. yesBoss

    uk wall flixs

    easy man . drop me a mail if you wana paint sumtimes , kool kool oyer email ad derrrrrrr tgscrew@hotmail.com
  10. capslock ur a funny man , u always speak your mind :cool:
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