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  1. rentboy

    On my travels

    im liking the green style m8 :eek:
  2. rentboy

    DDS Crew London

    pretty sik to see rainman is in it hes fucking dope m8
  3. this thread is stupid of course throwies are good derrr...:rolleyes:
  4. rentboy


    another point is that it pisses me off when fr8 writers tell us our work is wak when cmon... most of them fr8s are pure yuckness... alot of the hand control there looks shit blochy it just looks plain messy if you spend a day on a dub in a fr8 yard boy you wouldnt survive 1 minute here in a commuter plot. haha im sure u must live in towns with buses go try some of them:D :D :D
  5. fooookin hell now thats hardcore m8!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. yeah ive only ever got 1 copy cos after seeing some of the bullshit *yawn* articles and the amount of shitty fr8s i wasted £15... never again. plus who is gonna pay £6 for a paint pen???
  7. no offence but id think no here is gonna agree with you.....
  8. market at shoreditch also has some very 'interesting' stuff on sale usaully lolol should go check that out!
  9. http://www.stradanove.net/news/images/graffiti/l/l58.jpg'> had 2 post this look at that guys pink boxers!!!! wtf is he doing painting in boxers hahahaha!!!!!
  10. haha i'll b getting some personal fliks up soon when i get film developed trust i love these threads keep it up lads.
  11. oioi does anyone know if the moas is still running? has any1 got better flicks of the rest?
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