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  1. unfortunately I don't have any flix of walls from the 505, so these images might be out of place in this thread, but I'm going to post them anyway... this cat opans.BY blessed me with a sketch, first person I met when I was out there, one cool mahfuckah I might add this is some other BY cat, DAYV, its funny how things work out, before moving on from ABQ I saw this sticker peeling off a sign, so I took it with me...
  2. ditchside nationwide! drinking Steel Reserve in the arroyo, I've got to give it up for Santa Fe.
  3. juvenile records don't get completely wiped, they're not readily accessible by just anyone, but police can look at them for investigative purposes, and a judge can use them to influence their decision. if you had two posession with intent to distribute charges as a juvenile, for example, and got a third as an adult, the judge could choose harsher sentencing. the military looks at that type of shit too..
  4. If it's some juvenile shit you can say you've never convicted and not be lying. I'm told juveniles aren't convicted, they're adjudicated. Yeah though, I say fuck it, lie. I don't think most places can get your criminal record (state and federal jobs aside, why would you want one anyway? and who wants to be a security guard or some shit like that). If your average joe employer really wanted to know what was up with your criminal record I think you'd have to go to city hall and give them some forms or some shit.
  5. that's cool I guess, at least your friend knows that you're a solid individual. I've got in trouble with the authorities when I could've ran 'cause friends were caught up, so I can feel you on that
  6. I wound up in this discussion yesterday with a friend of mine about dreams. We talked about not being able to read in a dream, if any of you can recall trying to read something in a dream, I'm sure it was just jumbled nonsense, weird symbols and whatnot. I remembered disctintly recognizing a tag in one of my dreams (don't remember who's it was), and this had me wondering. Graffiti seems to have some duality in that it can be read like regular letters, but recognized as a symbol or specific image too. I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this sort of thing, how reading and writing graffiti differs from traditional writing and reading, beyond the obvious anyway. Anyone?
  7. you can make a jailhouse tattoo gun, guitar string/walkman steez, like someone suggested. I know a couple kids who've got into tattooing, and I've heard the grapefruit/orange type shit, another kid suggested fuckin with manequins, never heard the chicken thing but it doesnt seem bad. anyway, I found these instructions at http://www.faqs.org/qa/qa-8087.html, and I know you can cop a little motor at radio shack if you don't want to rip a walkman apart
  8. i've got to send a shout out to phreex at bluelight. I dont know if hes still around, got trained in phlebotomy for one reason :eek: :dazed: never really checked the place out though, maybe I will right now. the hive is dope though! :krunk:
  9. Electric Company - Life's a Struggle you CAN NOT front on insight
  10. Trusty Rusty http://www.thestinkers.com/images1/vanillaiceb.jpg'>
  11. I'm not sorry to hear this, if I hear RJD2 jams played out on every Saturn commercial that'd be another thing. RJ's quite nice with it, so what if he's getting his, why shouldn't he? thats my 1/50 of $1
  12. I didn't get down on the other threads so I'll post up anyway... Company Flow - Lune TNS Bigg Jus - Dedication 2 Peo Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks Bigg Jus - The Fr8's Bigg Jus - Dedication 2 Pray/Tenets of the Elements Juice - For My Writers Bigg Jus - Hector 205 (Dedication 2 Pray Part 2) Souls of Mischief - Stealth Bombing Sixtoo - Funny Sticks
  13. do you have any idea who put this together? I've been steady grabbin it since I read your post, but its going to take me awhile since I'm on dial up... so far I'm feeling ghost over doom's beats more than anything, Doom on the camay beat is tight too, I've always liked that joint anyway... doom & ghost collab' would be some ridiculous shit, what about ghost and grimm with doom's production? WHOO dammmn...
  14. GW, John Ashcroft, Condolleeza Rice, and all those other snakes... a couple bullets for the brain of whoever is in charge of MTV, VH1, BET and all that shit, some for whoever is in charge of the computer in DC that selects radio rotation too... 50, eminem, all those wack mahfuckuhz, they can get some as well. props to whoever mentioned ashton crutcher, him and everyone like him... some folks may not be feeling me on this, but TV sluts like paris hilton and shit, they need to die too... I'll think of some more later...
  15. yeah, mad folks said it, solvents... but what on earth do you mean 100% alcohol? is it absolute alcohol (an azeotrope of alcohol and benzene), or just fairly pure alcohol, like 97% isopropyl, or 195 proof grain alcohol? you can't have 100% pure alcohol, it absorbs water from the atmosphere, forms an azeotrope mang, come on now! :D
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