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Everything posted by Ethreadzny2

  1. all top quality on this thread ct, killing it..
  2. Mek, you guys straight killed it. The event looked fresh..
  3. all golden, spie was killing it with style well over 16 years ago..
  4. from last weekend. I think they got rained out..
  5. That last character is unbelivable..
  6. seriously oz has a natural ability to burn. The man has a gift.
  7. that hicrew wall is unbelievable..
  8. ame,egons,zine,enz,ew,smits,drues,cives,mugz had the highways on smash back then..
  9. back in the day. There is a lot of funny stories involved. But Zine 40t stopped in about 96 to presue other things.
  10. Juse, I have some personal friends that are connected to ironlak, they must be sleeping; because this thread keeps being bumped to the top. Not because of comments, because of fresh new productions being posted.. I will put a word out there to the people i know. I always said Hicrew and fua needed a paint sponser with all the work being done..
  11. even rem311's simple styles had style. Fresh writer and great dude.
  12. The dude was one of the nicest most sincere graffitti writers in the game. Met him on many occasions going back to about 96, would seemed like I would bump into about twice a year after that. Rest in Paradise Rem 311 JHF COD TGF. As somebody else said and it is so true, you were old school talent without the ego..
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