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  1. fuckin amazing work everyone, anyone got the keno from before the bridge in freo? or any chime rooftops?
  2. cheers slave_one, wasnt exactly right but led me to the answer i needed, so thanks. ahh someone shut this thread down now if you want
  3. calling all nerds!!! hey everyone, just wondering if anyone could help me get rid of all these annoying little symbols or whatever they are. whenever i press the space bar, press enter, press tab etc. it leaves a little symbol thing behind, which is fuckin annoying and i want it gone. even though it dosnt print out when i print something its still annoying when im typing some shit up. so could someone please help me eliminate this problem... oh iv got microsoft word 2003 version 5.1 i think, if that helps
  4. jeez mythbusters is tops, one of my many favourite episodes was when they made a minature bridge and got heaps of marching monkeys or sumthing to march on it, pure classic, also when they loaded up that wood cannon chokkas with blackpowder, prob my favouite show on the box at the moment, interesting shit
  5. graffiti to me is all about having fun, i paint any spot i like aslong as i have fun doing it, i dont mind if people see it or not, im doin it for myself so i dont really care if it gets seen or not...
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