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  1. heres my vote... smart =:five-o: farmyranger =:king:
  2.'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> maybe ill post more . hummmm.... i dont know yet????:dazed:
  3.'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> a little bit of the little bit ive collected in the past. enjoy


    if i go to a layup that holds 3 to 6 fr8s and they all got heads up on them . guess what , i didnt walk there with a pack full of paint to bench . im takin them out in order of lowest quality first. and dont xpect a hallow to last thats the first to go. dont matter who it is. not to hurt anybodys feelins but hallows dont count for shit in my book.
  5. faves on the local line nice to see a flic of that hopper its been buffed preety hard for a while:king: beef, its whats for diner!!!
  6. ive seen a gs that gave respect to a streak as well. much respect for WH ! true crew of kings...
  7.'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> THATS AL FOR NOW.
  8.'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> MORE AGAIN
  10. more comin just seein if it works
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