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  1. i really like yo work pesky... i would like to post sum stickers but i never got them in the mail damn postal service!
  2. i like that computer work lets see if u can do that with a pencil
  3. first off the one i posted was a stencil like character i did not meen for it to be considered a stencil and the skills character wasnt by me so hop off
  4. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00389284f00000020.jpg'> Hey its 3 a m and im probably the only loser on this site well im goin to bed give me sum feedback post sum new shit na meen aiight im outty
  5. ya its a lil distorted cause it started as a sketch in my note book ... im prob gonna toss it into photoshop and clean it up for the final product but i think it looks aiight over all thanx 4 yo opinion
  6. yo u posted that one that said 3-d = evil at the top i thought it was good ... im a big fan of 3-d so i thought maybe u did more but oh well keep up the hot shit ohh since u seem to be on let me know wat u think of that character i posted im startin up a t-shit thing so i want sum ffed back on that.. i need critisizm cause i wanna make those shirts good u know... hit me back
  7. hecz and dork are absolutly friggen sick dork put up some more of your 3-d shit its really nasty
  8. i would have gave it a good rating but the thowups that say night taggers crew suck reall bad ... they suck like a vaccuum thats on and sucking but the piece is great good shit
  9. nicetrek550

    my beef

    dont be a bitch...if bein ripped on the internet hurts your feelings then u need help.. shit look wat happend wen i first posted they wanted me dead it dont matter
  10. its the kind of english i use wen im tappin your mom
  11. it says nice clothes wear its a lil sumptin im tryin to start
  12. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00389284f00000019.jpg'>
  13. nicetrek550

    Character Post

    nice stuuf check out the character on my page
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