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  1. heathar

    Body Language

    does she love you still daze?
  2. heathar

    Body Language

    i would hate for someone to judge my actions so stereotypically... im sure that it is right in some people though.
  3. heathar

    Hyped for Halloween... OH YEAH!

    ha ha.. yay for boys, what would we do without them;)
  4. heathar

    Body Language

    I am bowlegged, so my feet point at 2 people, and I dont wear a bra alot so I cross my arms on a regular basis, Im also a gazer... it means im in deep thought, where did you come up with this shit??
  5. heathar

    Growing hair

    :lol: :lol: haaahaa.. cut a MULLET!!!http://www.madcow.ndtilda.co.uk/Mullet.jpg'>
  6. heathar

    Growing hair

    Yeah all body hair on boys should be natural.. once you start shaving and waxing it does grow back more coarse. I dont necessarily like hairy chests, but id think you were about to stray gay if you waxed it. One growing head hair, get it trimmed like once a month, it will grow faster. If youre trying to impress people, wear a fuckin beanie or hat... i dont think it looks that bad.
  7. heathar

    -= Halloween Costumes =-

    Haaahaaahaa, that would be the ultimate... I think im going to be a dutch marijauana maiden..similar to a french maid but GREEN! And ill be fully stocked with joints and blunts. This is my first year doing a sexy costume...i hope i can pull it off.