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  1. bomb alert 2 alot of talk about ba at the mo, saw this, looks a winner
  2. good idea> but if he dont know he aint biting somebody thicken mans spects :clown2:
  3. u nobs.... how has neas messed up the e and a, its upto him what the fuck he does, he dont have 2 go by any certain rules or regulations does he? and i dont see how that gayhad is friggidy fresh... its just commercial graphotism style?
  4. isit me of has that name been completely ripped off man like yardcore..., and what is american fr8s have to do with keeping shit yardcore!??!?! :shook: :shook: :shook:
  5. ^^^ yeh u tell him, coz u say what goes in what thread!!
  6. ^^^^^ Niether is Mist-Home Time :haha:
  7. nuff respect to the toys lol keep hotting up all the best plots HAHA thats easy for you to say u joker, everyone ive met that knows about doing steel properly, knowing about rotations and keeping ure stuff on lock guns you, u think ure some big boi posting E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G u do on the internet, the same repetative outline (which is a weak wannabe neas outline at that with know proper flow or funk) to say the least.... just bcoz u got mad toys on ure dick dont mean ure some heavyweight... blimp head...
  8. ^^^ dude, im sure ppl dont like ppl giving cru info like that out^^ for everyone 2 read and authorities to 2 take note of. might b a nice idea to delete that for ppls sakes!
  9. feeling that sun flower right there...
  10. "HOW FUCKING SHIT! People shouldnt be allowed to hot up plots by wholecarring if they're just gonna skrible on the train, fill it in and add a black background!" Excuse me 1 moment.. mr destructo, guessing ure tag, bcoz ure screen name is amazingly bait... i dont think ive seen your wholecars from that plot? or even panels as good as that for that matter, if you cant paint 2 the bottom of a panel properly...how u going 2 do a wholecar?!?! :gaga:
  11. two sly, ure chatting like ure not boom :haha:
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