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  1. fuck it everything is being a bitch sorry to keep yous waiting
  2. you doggs i was gonna post my gnome up b4 but the site was down ill put it up in a hour or so u dawgssssssssssss haha
  3. some one wanna battle me??? the word is GNOME colours and shit if u want, dont care...
  4. :hatred: count me in on the credit battle
  5. fishy


    ace crew.... how old are you guys? you seem like 17, 18?
  6. like it all in general....but i think the stuff that caught my eye the most was some more symple ones a few pages back or something all together niice work keep it up
  7. fishy

    Graff Girls

    thats HOTTNESS heir...do u know when the hk site will be done?
  8. i vote for ways on the xipethisways battle
  9. HaHa im down but im just doin black and white cause im to lazy to waste time sketching.... ill have it posted up soon... i dont wot u want me to do with this edit shit.. ill write fuck ENTER instead next to it...you are a wak toy....if i lived in them same country i would kick you...
  10. oneswecond for dent:lol: but there all shit ahahahhahaha
  11. fishy

    The Barter Board

    wot would i get for a nite with my mom? i have a brother and sister....
  12. anyone up for a beeeeeaaaaaatttttttttlllllleeeeeeeeeeee?? plenty of time to sketch now that school is bak on!!
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