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  1. From what I've seen European freight cars are wacky looking like those house freights, now I understand why most Europeans aren't into painting freights. Check out boxcars in America: http://freight.railfan.ca/bn/bn749115.jpg'> http://freight.railfan.ca/csx/csxt137137.jpg'>
  2. By buffing the piece I understand he means crossing it out or throwing bucket paint or something, that or buffing it like the company buffs are both waaaaaakkkkkk. PAINT AND LET LIVE
  3. B_Sabbath


    This is a very interesting site, I had no idea Chintz was this big. He's definitely a king but I wouldn't consider him "ultimate king of of trains" because the ultimate king would have to have a balance of diferent systems, consistency, whole cars, paint control, good style, variety of style, original style, but I'm sure if he wanted to he could do better letters so why doesn't he? How does this guy get money to travel if he's always painting? Even robbing and stealing takes time. Is he rich? Does anyone know how many times he's been caught and how he deals with that? Instead of dissing writers from other continents I would like to see you guys answer some of these questions. Mad props to the man, although I would worry about the likes of him visiting my state, I might have to wait a couple of weeks before going back to the yards if he came through. hahaha and Rolln your putting freights on a pedestal thay don't belong I've done plenty of them and their really boring, Cleans is where its at. PEACE yall
  4. Buffing their own pieces thats absurd. I've heard of NYC writers doing this also, but I think it defies the purpose of doing them in the first place and besides thats more time that has to be spent in the yard which raises the chances of getting caught. I much rather paint and bounce, cross my fingers and hope to see it running around the next day, even if it only runs for a couple of hours or days. We Americans need to learn to be more optimistic and take control of our destiny. We should not expect the rail companies to let trains run, we should leave them no choice and make our shit run.
  5. To each his own, if freights are a mans passion so be it if guys like to take their time and paint legals thats cool theres nothing wrong with that. What Europeans need to understand is that theres a huge "railfanning" culture in the U.S. and freight graffiti has become a part of it. Freights are the only medium for a lot of kids that live in states where they don't even have commuters. However I think its pathetic if you really want to paint cleans, but are to scared to....that to me is a coward and there is no room for cowards in this subculture, how would these writers react if they are caught doing freights will they rat on their boys???? But, some guys just don't like the rush of a clean so they rather spend all night in a freight yard drinking, smoking and painting...thats cool. Personally, I don't get satisfaction from freights I need to paint cleans and here in America cleans get painted a lot more than you guys think. In Chicago for example yards have been getting hit on a weekly basis for years by American writers.
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