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  1. hopha hb france tre tuph and vatoe whole post was refreshing
  2. yeah man, thanks for putting these little vids together, dope all around. and seriously fuck it, paint readable and large! that's the name of the freight game forreal. dope stuff man, keep it coming forreal
  3. asar's second freight ever w/ troph HB
  4. that sigh is pretty insane.... iz the wiz! would you give back all the fame and noteriety for perfect health? dope post mang.
  5. dever subway cars are fire whole post is hard. thanks mang
  6. ugliest ASAR and TROPH frieght ever- it's always the worst ones that move around DEVER NIFE is blazing! this whole thing is bangin!
  7. DAAAMN! NACE ZEPHYR 1994! what an awesome catch dude. awesome post pore karma tacoe reup wu-tang worms popquiz
  8. that karma is bangin'. taker goner some others too, tight post mang.
  9. dever enue navy 2006 car takes it! TRE karma goner
  10. dever '06!! ...he's heating up...
  11. that ATAK is awesome really good post, the wintery snow flix are great. keep it up
  12. oh shit, that old dever/nise/ono freight is a nice catch
  13. my main nigga big FRANCE holdin' it down hard! dope post
  14. i caught that pars hopper a while back. lewis chip
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