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the kill

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  1. the kill

    Freights - Last Movement? or not?

    it seems trains are possibly becomeing to the point that in the future itll be another mass trend {much greater than the possible possible trendiness} and then i will still paint them because ill never stop..however........i will be extremly dissapointed i can can guarantee you i will go on buffing missions on a much more frequent scale and do my part in releiving you fools of any possible fame or distant respect to those who did not deserve this. i will always hit trains and i will always bomb streets,two things no matter how much you fools will try to take away from me i will always continue doing.so go fuck her hats.ill be here.
  2. the kill

    Is there a 'B-Side"

    hey southern clown.....ill be sendin plenty o hollows your way as i always have and always will continue to do,so keep on keepin on piecin over us that do cause i can sure as shit tell you for every 1 that someone paints over me i got 50 more runnin free. just be smart and make sure theres no visible sign that i was their before you or youll have problems bra.
  3. the kill

    metal smashing....sugar flavor......

    WHATS WITH THE UGLY BITCHES...i wouldnt beat those twats if i was paid to.
  4. the kill

    BAY-AREA-----Crushing metal

    a worthy post.
  5. the kill

    Quality > Quantity

    bland............but solid.
  6. the kill


  7. the kill

    Dream A Little Dream

    japan and drama that is.
  8. the kill

    Dream A Little Dream

    im feelin them too aswell.
  9. the kill

    Gangsters don't dance,we boogey

    thats funny...i wonder if those dudes are freinds with the last to clowns replys...cause apart from chip....those cats suck.period,and of story.and im pretty sure there from the same vicintiy probably up in the arctic of canaduuuh.wack shit,save your replys toys...cause no one cares......by the way freighthound......does your vagina have a first name?wanksters....
  10. the kill


    we hate when you get busted too.you little heat score homo..imma piss on you boy.
  11. the kill

    Gangsters don't dance,we boogey

    sien 5.
  12. the kill

    Sit back, and watch the progress

    hey opressthelaw............does your vagina have a first name?
  13. the kill

    THE Captain makes it happen

    does your vagina have a first name?
  14. beware of the jaberwok my son.