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  1. first of all - milton - thanx a l-o-t !!! second as i said all of you just shut the fuck up .....bitchessssssssss
  2. finally someone for real
  3. ohh shut the fuck up you all !!!!
  4. im glad someone did.....
  5. hey dont forget im just a beginner
  6. no offence to you , and with all the appricate in the world but i think my boy wants the best for me...and i think that maybe he isnt doing the best graffiti but he is good - very good ! and thanx again for helping me you all!!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  7. there is more... http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/s/...p-Picture_2.jpg http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/s/.../p-scan0001.jpg
  8. thank you all !!!!! im new in this shit...virs helped a bit ... my first one i did is in the " femmes only"....im tring my best... and i dont know how to post it in big size....ill try... but anyway - thanks again !!!
  9. come on boys...you all do such perfect graffiti and you cant give me one advice????
  10. this is the second graffiti i did.... if you can help me ill be very happy... http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/s/...3635/p-scan.jpg
  11. *s_sexy*

    femmes only

    he does help me.... a lot !!!!!! but i dont wanna disturb him a lot... and i do wanna get more opinion about what i do.
  12. *s_sexy*

    femmes only

    its ok im in the begining my self....(im virs's gurl...) the first graffiti i did is the "sexy" one.... im trying my best...if anyone can help me ill be happy ....
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