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  1. Re: the abu guy Your view is close minded and arrogant. Graffiti is "meant" to be whatever the person doing it has in mind. There isn't a book of rules for "graffiti persons" to abide by and the unwritten book is open for interpretation. There is no higher authority. If you like less complex looking shit with less colors, good for you. If you don't like "pretty" graffiti, and want people to know this, then go put your version of "what graffiti is meant to be" over it and deal with what the architects of that "pretty" graffiti will do to you when they find you, or buff it and await a similar response. Dissing it anonymously undermines your already one-sided, ridiculous point. The "fuck the goverment" thing is a childish fantasy. Even if there are writers who're using graffiti as some kind of political cause, they sure as hell aren't making much of an impact. Average people don't look at graf and think "wow, now there's a powerful anti-government stance from a passionate revolutionary force. The government is definitely bad!" They either don't give a shit at all, don't like it and don't care what it means, or think it's gang related and become scared of its presence. There are a few people who like it, and an even fewer number of people receive it politically and draw some kind of socio-whatever significance out of it and end up writing redundant books or watered-down, malinformed newspaper editorials on it. WHAT A SOCIETAL IMPACT! "Fuck the government" graf is some third-world-country-immersed-in-civil-war-citizens-outrage shit. I doubt you're a third-world resident.
  2. Yes indeed that Ghostface shit is HOT! "HOLLA" with Ghost over the Delphonics sample is the jam, though.
  3. Every book is like some asshole trying to self-destruct because they cant accept what an asshole they were in the first place. Good for their fictional ass, bad for me taking shitty advice from emo fags and wasting valuable jerk-off time reading such redundant shit. I can only blame myself.
  4. Pointlessly getting arrested does suck. I got handcuffed once for simply talking shit to a cop. After heavy protest I ended up being thrown on the ground and hogtied in front of a bunch of people. They charged me with "impeding pedestrian traffic". So gay.
  5. If there's one thing I love it's DEVOURING a grilled chicken burrito after a healthy session of rum swigging. Can't beat drunken fill-ins off that bacardi clear, either.
  6. Mexican Food

    The big C

    Here's what sucks: As soon as you find out something causes cancer, and decide to avoid it, you find out something ELSE you've been doing your entire life is also a definitive source of cancer. To truly avoid all currently realised causes of cancer one must exile themself to a remote desert island untouched by man-made pollution, live in a UV protected space suit and eat pineapples for the rest of their lives.
  7. Pure comedy. When he interviews people like Newt Gengrich or Donald Trump I end up laughing out internal organs. The "Bruno" skit where he interviewed the trendy NYC fashion designer and had the guy TOTALLY contradicting himself was an instant classic.
  8. I think more kids should wait a little while before they jump into college. Getting out into the real world after high school is what's up; once college does come around its easier to avoid becoming the average beer guzzling college kid making mistake after mistake.
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