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  1. http://www.booda.co.uk/booda2k4/images/updates/tarner/DSCN1743.JPG'> keepin this thread alive..
  2. Skrib u little prick..i am not an "nf chief" u tart...u dont know me, or anything about me,sort it out...
  3. Either Skrib139 is a fucking legendary, fresssssh graffer.....OR.....he's some 12oz expert toy who has alot of posts and considers this an achievement for which he can rip the piss or correct anyone he feels to? which one is it?
  4. akel town fyans tures thc cooooor blimey guvnor, that tures, fresh as fuck...i used to think towns stuff seemed ugly, but he's hit the chicken in the chest wit that one...:king: http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/HV9GG_FELTHAMJAM4-SMALLweb.jpg'> akel town fyans tures thc
  5. stop the banter..! a few treats... http://www.stylefanatix.de/jpgs/damage/london/006.jpg'> http://www.stylefanatix.de/jpgs/damage/london/007.jpg'> http://www.stylefanatix.de/jpgs/damage/london/008.jpg'>
  6. SwiftDemOns


    the pic of the second one doesnt give it justice.....when i saw that beauty me eyes went blooooooooooooooooooooooooooowe.........gd one sneaks
  7. Come on peeeeeeeeople!!!!!!!!!!
  8. THESE ARE ALL FUCKING NANG ^^^^ where are u gettin these man!
  9. i'm not knocking him, but u rate orgies styles alot!?:confused: :confused:
  10. FoRee...these are from ATG crew..present kings of london...they have their own thread on here..check it out....peace
  11. errrr freeque i didnt fuckin backstab you..if thats what your implying fucccccck sake
  12. good idea...nice selection of flicks as well...good lad
  13. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00391563f00000005.jpg'> you forgot this phil :lol:
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