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Everything posted by ILoveUnicrns

  1. sooo good..i always like his stuff
  2. i was just saying you shouldnt post detailed pictures of your spot..for your sake..ignorant would be doing that and then saying that you paint it on a sunday afternoon...why dont you wear a bright orange reflector jacket out there as well.
  3. no man, you came to my house and you knocked over a rare unicorn statue i had...i think you were on X
  4. you were up there with my bitch that one night doing that foul as shit
  5. you'll get whats coming to you NISE...just wait
  6. what kind of camera did you take these with?
  7. RESTO...workin' it...doin' it
  8. goddamnit....i think all my new freights go right to the scrap yard and all the old shitty ones go to all the popular benching spots
  9. EVICT.....workin' it....doin' it
  10. EVICT knows when the water show is
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