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  1. http://bl4ckh4m.com/~niser/s1023roller3.JPG'> "I haven't seen pandemonium like this since ridiculous day down at the deli. Prices were so low they were ridiculous."
  2. if i was one of the guys i wouldve snuck back to where she was left and gone down on her just to get one last taste
  3. usually i can get into foreign transit graffiti...but im really not feeling these...
  4. you could make a hole where its asshole would be and have sex with it
  5. i was a TBK/LOSERS thread...i sat on my computer all day and bitched and complained and maintained a big ego.
  6. i guess you can just read my other posts if you want to know about my threesomes
  7. one girl spit it into the other girls ass and then hesh went shrimping
  8. "paula abdul judging a singing contest is like christopher reeves judging a dancing contest"-chris rock
  9. http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/1.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/2.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/4.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/5.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/16.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/14.jpg'> http://studentweb.ncf.edu/benjamin.haber/lj/halloween03/15.jpg'>
  10. different KEN82..dont hate and dont be a buster..and lets go paint dude.
  11. any scene in Kazaam, Home Fries, or Monkey Bone.
  12. just dont turn to anti-depressants...it might seem like they work in the beginning, but its not worth it
  13. hahah Caleb is a horrible sounding name..names shouldnt end in B...if i had a kid id name him Merritt...but if i had a kid that would just be the worst thing that could happen to a child.
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