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  1. im feeling these ill be sure to throw up some of my stuff shortly once i get a new scanner
  2. I like wearing IDUN hoodies but that just cause i bikehttp://www.pinkbike.com/store/images/idun/hoodext_white2_detail.jpg'>
  3. strawberry shortcake com'on strawberry shortcake owns allhttp://www.urbanhipster.com/jam/strawberries.jpg'>
  4. it would have depeneded where he was some cities are dope and others just suk
  5. montreals no good damn w/e ill check out the states next year, ven though im still going to monteal the BMX the parks
  6. damn rights im as tall as paul bunyan, No but i do have a lot of money.
  7. are there any in vancouver or monteal?
  8. Alberta, would be the place i want to check out
  9. whats with all you fucking americans thinking everyone in Canada is stupid? All i wanted to know where some shops where in canada so i could check them out jezuz christ
  10. Can anyone tell me where some stores are in canada that i could check out because i cant find any:(
  11. ME and my cuzin------>http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400386353_001P.jpg'>
  12. ASS ASShttp://www.girls-on-bikes.com/templates/4grey2/images/spacer.gif'>
  13. ASS http://www.girls-on-bikes.com/templates/4grey2/images/spacer.gif'>
  14. LORDS


    Me Me playing airsofthttp://mishoga.image.pbase.com/u10/scout255/large/10873055.IMG_0942.jpg'> :cool:
  15. LORDS


    My Airsoft Gun My Airsoft Gun------>http://www.t2shustler.homestead.com/files/m4a1_acc_profile.jpg'> It Kicks Ass hey
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