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  1. why you little..... stay out of my yard. graffiti is not a spectator sport. ....idiot........:king:
  2. the people mover will never be hit. it is virtually impossible.they only chill at one spot and its in a building, you couldnt get more than 30 seconds alone with it if you tried.and even that would be heavily survielled. if someone hit it i would buy them pizza for a week.
  3. are we always gonna have this love/hate relationship? just playin if you read this today hit me up on cell before the funeral, and well roll out. >to tha gee's<
  4. this has all been finally addressed,thank god. its all good info kids and you probably want to go hit frieght way more now. dont get caught up, some writers will whup dat ass if they find you in their yard, im one of them. this is the best way to keep your yard clean and happy. kill anyone you find. most yards are only room enough for one krew.if your not at the top of the food chain you may want to be careful.
  5. ...dude most of those are in spots youd never dream of hitting. you cant exactly take your time hitting scantless street and eway walls....
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