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  1. is there any better shots of the finished production walls? hi crew wall , 203 wall, or the wall with pose,ges,and cope on it???
  2. Ewok used to be dope. USED TO BE. Now his style is garbage. Generic style that looks like he did in 15 minutes with scrap cans. I can't stomach his style anymore and he's getting way to much play for what he's putting out. I wish he would go back to his old shit and actually do burners again instead of this crap he's doing now.
  3. he's speaking the truth. graff jams aren't what they were. just a bunch of half ass shit and no planning.
  4. yes. Because veto is dope. Abel is a fucking joke. But this isn't an abel thread so smoke a joint, and stumble your way back to the ct thread where you can dickride him more. :lol:
  5. damn. last year there was some straight up burners at under pressure. This year, I'm not impressed at all. :rolleyes: please someone post more flicks to make me change my mind.
  6. veto is dope. Always had original and funky shit.
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