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  1. I had the same problem, only being able to mix from export to export, until Krost informed me that the best way to mix from export to montana/belton etc.. was to get a mixing tube from VA's, but heres how to mix from export to export first. You will need - 2 WD-40 caps with the little red straws included, and this should be done outdoors with a bit of newspaper or board spread out. Just for example ill give you a colour i mixed up today, using a flat white export, sky blue export, and a can of pink dy-mark. Once mixed, these three give a nice pastel like purple, much like belton's velvet purple. Empty a bit of the white can, about half, to make some room for the other colours, then put the white into the freezer. The can which you put into the freezer is always the can that you are mixing into. Take the other two cans which will be used to mix into the other can, and will be heated to give them more pressure, where as the freezing gives the cans less pressure, making them easy to mix into. Heat the cans however you want, you can use hot water from a tap and let them soak in a bucket, but i usually just put them in front of my heater for about 10 minutes or so, giving them a shake about every 2 minutes to move the paint around so its all heated. The recieving can should take about 15 minutes to freeze, because its pressurized air, it will freeze quicker than most other things. Take it outside along with the other hot cans and put the WD-40 lids on and connect the straws to one another. Tilt the receiving (cold) can upside down, this stops it from building up pressure, which would make it hard for paint to go into, and then leave the white export (hot) upright to keep the pressure going, then push down hard on both the caps. Hot paint will woosh into the cold can and you should be able to hear and feel it. Every now and then give both cans a bit of a shake to get the pressure up in the hot can, and to mix the paint in the cold can, and test the cold can to see how your going. If your doing the purple i said, then you should have a light baby blue, and if its too dark, empty some and add a little more white. Now do the same with the fluro pink dy-mark, only the dy-mark will spray upside down so both cans shold be facing upside down, making it a little easier to mix. Push down on both caps again, and you should feel/hear it once more. Keep testing to see what colours are coming out of the can your mixing in to, and touch it up with the pink and blue to get the desired purple you want. Just keep testing on the newspaper or whatever youre using. Try experimenting with other colours to see what you can get, some shit can come out better than you expect. Any queries or questions just ask, and feel free to add any other handy info. Happy mixing.
  2. hahah sorry rapta, no diss intended, but its the truth.
  3. heres a fresh start, hope its helpful to some people, colour combinations with ink or paint, or even just tips on mixing, try to keep the beef to a minimum, and most of all, good mixing.
  4. sorry, but this thread should already be closed. i'll start a new one, it just looks bad with raptas name on it.
  5. Q-Ball


    yeah he switched to that style i posted before for a while, but then switched back to his old 3d's, still mixed things up a bit, but his style now is his dope 3d's with a few changes, shit is off the hook though..
  6. Q-Ball


    they are in london, mostly done with the NT dudes.
  7. Q-Ball


    anymore trains out there?
  8. Q-Ball


    http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/L20Asif20Monk20Meter190.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/L20new20team20monk812.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree_big.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/ireenomad.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree_mumma.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/ireeeNA.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree_pan.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monknew.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monk_shuttingdownmelbourne320.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monkyfunky.jpg'>
  9. Q-Ball


    http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree_hitach.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree_spikes.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monk_slashed.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/Iree0220Monkshuttingdownmelb.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree1.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/iree-panel40.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monkHUGE.jpg'> another angle: http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monkhuge2.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/l20monk533.jpg'>
  10. Q-Ball


    sorry bout the size and quality.. http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/CIMG1502.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/CIMG1503.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/CIMG1504.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/CIMG1505.jpg'>
  11. Q-Ball


    IREE/MONK http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/L20aroe20monk.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/L20Asif20Monk20Meter.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/l20monk.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/L20new20team20monk.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/q-ball/monk_montana.jpg'> :king: :king:
  12. Q-Ball


    I SECOND THAT MOTION... :king: :king: :king:
  13. Q-Ball


    how the fuck do i post flicks on this thing?
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