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  1. Basically the sun is a cunt in this place for photos. Therefore had to brighten flix, and has gone and made the quality look worse. Oh well, ill get better ones soooooooon. http://img34.photobucket.com/albums/v102/cantread/Image4.jpg'>
  2. yeah ill go get em for yah 2moz and will post em up.
  3. ^ HARSH!!! yeah this other siren who is now dead(may he rest in peace) might have been sick or wot not! But no need to hate on this one. There is many a heads who write the same tag thoughout the uk! CHILL WINSTON
  4. well on park street there is a place that sells paint! go to the top floor in bs8. also in bedminster there is a shop. But no writers actually go to them as they are top bump!
  5. bleeeeegh: dont post that article you knob eds, people dont need more exposure than what has already been published
  6. CantRead

    On my travels

    cant b havin this 3 pages back. b-b-b-b-bbbb-b-b-b-bump
  7. Whilst sat in cardif station it was hard trin to tell what was bein announced in welsh or english.:lol:
  8. CantRead

    On my travels

    lol, lovin the stencil!
  9. some good tracksides there bleeeeegh! im sure someone got non blurred ones of some of those. Would post up some my flix but me fukin resize demo package ting has expired.
  10. CantRead

    On my travels

    yo ng do the 2 middle flix actually contain graff or isit just me monitors brightness is shit?
  11. The wall looks propet mint!:idea: :D
  12. Nice selection of flix there me bwoy! And Resprect to that 'SME'(if thats correct) as he wacked it about pretty hard in bristol within 1 night by the looks of tings. BO!
  13. warched some prauge video yesterday 'kick the shit' and the NY photage of cakes and romeo was fucking awsome!!
  14. ^I know that style from somewhere.:confused: :D :)
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