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  1. Her face is so fuckin messed, and her eye on the right of the pick is like...twitching...hahaha
  2. Thats pretty dope but I've never heard of any real scene down there.
  3. If you put it on loud enough it's really easy to get booked.
  4. M0De7


    Definatley DAMO, DEMO, TRIK, SNAK, CAUSR.
  5. M0De7


    Celery rules. Food rules.
  6. Find a new hobby. Or get a punching bag and go about your business. Or get a girlfriend. That will make all your problems disapear. Love can be cheesy and all, but in the end, you'll have no love and feel like shit for the rest of your life.
  7. I just noticed this too. It's as if he changed the title.:rolleyes:
  8. The most I have ever had was having my clothes and some of my arm ripped open by thorns from all these plants. I haven't exactly ripped myself open many times...I have fallen on alot of shit while running. Pieces of glass, wood, ect.
  9. I never get confronted or anything. Best thing to do is act poor, act like a hobo. And they usually won't bother you. And if someone was going to attack me, fuck that, I'd just run. And if it really came down to fighting, I'd just fight, and maybe get some paint in his eyes.
  10. M0De7


    There are many cases of that. There is one home in my neighborhood that has a camera outside the house. If you're curious about it, go without paint or a marker, and just search around. Thats not illegal.
  11. The longest...probably 3 or 4 weeks. Not long.
  12. I get my caps from a local shop...or from the internet. Simple as that.
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