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  1. attention: look at jean-michel basqiat's art work and then shoot yourself for being stupid.
  2. i hate to jock, but you are the most completly correc t person to ever talk about neckfaces lame copying that he excuses as graffitii. thanks
  3. JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT just take a look at his art and see how original "neck face" is.
  4. sarah tonin, i hope you get shot. thank you.
  5. also, for all the graffiti writers out there, listen up. trying to own nyc, or anywhere else by writing your tag around the streets is stupid. if you want fame through graffiti, practice untill you are good, so you're not scriblbing shit all over this city. if you are terrible in the first place, dont deface new york, try to go do something that helps other people, become a teacher or something, i dont know. but there are way too many writers these days, and at least 60 percent of them you cant read, 35 percent are legible but show no skill whatsoever, and that leaves five percent of writers in the "not sucking" category. pretty shameful for the famous new york city. please, if you are bad a graffiti, or just a toy (and if you are either of these thing you will know deep down in your heart) just stop doing this pointless vandalism and once again, ruining this city that i live in and enjoy. also, i am the center of the universe, so im asuming everyone will listen to me and dumd kids will stop writing. thank you.
  6. ok kids.. there's about five good writers left in new york city, and if not an excellent writer, still showing some type of dedication. this last guy got it right, new york city is dead. i havent seen good graffiti in a kabillilion years. and neck face definetly isnt helping.
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