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  1. woah, nv... you came out of the 12 foot deep end of the swimming pool there pal. i tried getting ahold of you guys the other day to check up on my crewmatees. anywhore... take it sleazy and we need to fucking paint some shit really soon. peace...
  2. yo waldo merfie... when you wanna post flicks, click on the "IMG" button on top of the text box when you make a message, and type in the link inside the window that pops up, and there ya have it. you coulda called and i would have told yah that shit poopenheimer. yah, i really wanted to see seen paint. work fucking blows, but oh well. my bills matter way more than seen's presence in houston. i heard good things about it though and that everyone's shit came out ill. i heard kws did a bjork production also... i might go peep that. by the way, i don't know if you fucks noticed,
  3. by the way, peter north... post one of your famous money shots! hahaha... i love you too fuckface. get some mo' flickees... peace.
  4. just caught that shit Nv and Gzus did off i10, really nice stuff. post more flicks... halloween havik had alotta good stuff there, anyone have flicks of it? yo NV, if you read this... get that austin cam developed, i'll pay for it, peace...
  5. you cant drop a piece a week after a battle. i delivered within the weekend... you DID NOT, and you dissed my shit. get a fucking clue... EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT WENT DOWN. why do think people are over all this bullshit? you're acting like a godamn 9 year old kid in some 30-year old's frame. you lost, accept that shit... NOBODY'S LISTENING, NOBODY CARES... NOBODY'S LISTENING, NOBODY CARES... NOBODY'S LISTENING, NOBODY CARES... i really don't think after all this time you'd ever get it, you fucking obese neanderthal. i'm off this 12 ounce shit, it's been getting pathetic in this pl
  6. yo color, i aint tom, get your shit straight. but you seem like a guy who gets hurt when he hears the truth. oh well, i won, thats all that matters... take it sleazy....
  7. i won the battle... there are no flicks from color, there's mine, but i dont have a flick, and color dissed the wall. he'll pay...
  8. with your selfish action, you've proved to the scene that you just lost the fucking battle. i won't stop until i get an apology, i will not stop. it's more than just me now, its wayyyy more than just me. color... it never had to go this far.
  9. color... you dissed my fucking wall. i didn't even get a chance to flick it and you dissed it. i told you what would happen if you did. you DID NOT have to touch my fucking wall. i never dissed any of your shit, nor did i ever diss any of your crews shit. i'm apologizing ahead of time for what is to come... you should not have done that... this is when it hurts, and this is when it gets personal. i hope you have a passion for what you do, so you can fucking feel it. you think you won, GOOD. but keep your hands and your paint off whatever i do. that wall is NOT an open wal
  10. yo color, i delivered and went in full on my end of the deal. you didn't even leave the decency of dropping a piece at the woffle house JUST in case i did show up and wreck. well, i told you i would start saturday after i was done with life's priorities... and finish sunday. well, i did. it may not be the best shit i ever rocked in my life but it was definately dedicated to your ass. whenever you see it... keep in mind that it was 100% freestyled from characters to lettering, I WAS USING SCRAP PAINT, not one can of belton/montana/or even krylon. you'll see it soon. i even had to paint well int
  11. THA COLD WAR WAS NEITHER COLD, NOR A WAR... http://members.aol.com/hopita/images/linda%20richmond.bmp'> DISCUSS AMONGST YA SELVES...!
  12. let's set the record straight, i am NOT peter north, nor do i know who he is... and those who chilled with me on sunday know what went down. i never dodged this battle, color called me out, he didn't reason with the rules, and now you have this end result. looks like i replied color, unleash your pomeranians.
  13. yah man, watch out for the Power Blaster 30, that shit straight kills, yo!
  14. ALL YALL NIGGAS NEED TO BREAK YO' SELF!!!! http://www.sinasnet.nl/Digital%20waterguns/images%20soa/soa001.jpg'> I GOTS MO' HEAT THAN A CHINESE KITCHEN, YA HEARD!????
  15. jesus, i just got off work (yes color, giving one of the many jobs i work in a day) and i feel great! unfortunately you cannot call the shots within 4 days notice of a battle, and i'm trying my best to comply with Lord Color Oner-Pants' orders but it just aint happening at the WOF, there's probably a mob of people outside waiting and wondering, and beefing and all sorts of wonderful things people with gangster-tag-banging mentalities do, that's why no matter what your shady ass says, i'm battling at mah own fucking wall, and dude, when i win... i dont even WANT YOU PAINT... i just wanna walk a
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