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  1. Find many more fine stencils in the Stencils thread in Brick Slayers. Click>http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon1.gif'>
  2. So why did you bump it up?
  3. adonis.

    new sketch

    Good drawing. Post some graff sketches.
  4. This is such a stupid thread.
  5. Just learn to do graffiti the way everyone else did and paint.
  6. I like how his are better than yours.
  7. adonis.

    Character Post

    Re: SAVE THE WHALES YA HEAR Aaahaha. That wouldn't even be funny if it was good.
  8. adonis.

    Character Post

    Re: And mow for something completely different.... Def (really good)
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