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  1. I never had to read 'Catcher' in highschool, but my girfreind at the time made me. So of course I did. Shit.
  2. I dodnt undestand how I came off ass not being serious. I sent you an email. Thankyou.
  3. peoplle listen up dant stand too near.
  4. demon i am and face feel. to see skin turned inside out i want you on my own. i want you on my wall. I want your skull. I need your skull. Rip the heads of little girls and kill them one by one. Hack the heads off little girls and put them on my wall. I want yor skull. I need your skull. Fuck aliases I am gone.
  5. Aww skit skit mutha fucka''''' KILO!! hit me up man,
  6. Hey Kilo do you have Aim?? If so drop me an e-mail at doggy_jones@hotmail.com. Did you try yo send me mail? If so I didnt get it. I dont think.
  7. Thanks Kilo. Im 22. Steadly drinkiung since 16
  8. Isnt this the first step? I am an alcoholic. I know it. I accept thefact. I drink everydya. I make up excuses for why I am drinking beer at 11:00am. I deny the fact to my friends. But it is obvious. I am drunk now. Anyone? ps-phony alias
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