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  1. No jocks here but, The best shit here is the cool FH, I guess by eye. The chip is fucking on fire and pepe played the spot perfectly over the T&D..
  2. Fuck outa here Lens This is 4 Stak! Not look at lens. The sole fact that your dick self is on a graffiti website and having no clue about TFP. They are still kinging shit after decades. Stak and all the boys Sane rip, Fuzz 1, Sento, Case 2, Butch 2, Slug. Your oppinion has no value due to your ignorance. Nothing else to be said. If you like modern art or art fag shit. Go find a new site. And keep your mouth shut. Go into a cd store and shout what is this nirvana stuff I heard people talk about. How old is he. He must bit emo music. That is what you just did repeatedly here. Please don't reply. The world is watching you. :rolleyes:
  3. ^ I gotta give you respect. You pulled out Roaches TFV... Sure he did it 25 years ago. That makes him an innovator. Strong tag name, all around style with tags and his throw ups were hot. I think it should still be letter style first. I just can't hand out props like food stamps. It does look like he bombs hard. I will give him full respect if he is still doing it in 10 like a real writer. We'll see if he makes the grade.
  4. I think this is the new new new new Jersey one? http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00391831f00000087.jpg'> http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00391831f00000083.jpg'> http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00391831f00000058.jpg'> I will donate some flix from my collection of stolen ones. Haha
  5. I think, better yet I know you played yourself. SENTO will have more inovation in one piece than most cats life span. Every time out it is just more inovation and Reas has layed it down too. It is still call graffitti, I think.
  6. I like the wezes I would dead the double outlines. If ya got a blue outline, don't inline the whole thing white. If you are doin white shines, shine parts of each letter. If ya have a drop shadow on the left, shine the tops and right sides. Keep it up fellas.
  7. Just to chime in, Most of you have good can control. Try some new letter styles. That skinny tweaked style with all the hard corners on the letters is good for mags from other countrys. You are part of NY. Take another look at subway or spray can art. Beef em up! This is not a wise crack.
  8. http://img4.exs.cx/img4/9182/DSCF2003.jpg'> ^spone? http://img4.exs.cx/img4/8530/DSCF2019.jpg'> ^Reas?
  9. Stolen http://www.wyws.com/graffpix/REBEL_1.JPG'>
  10. My homeboy told me when rebel went out to a truck yard he would pull off 4-6 pieces a night. Not just fills.
  11. U must be a new toy, with that comment. No hate here but I think most of us could paint a better frog... No props here. I have an idea. I will paint a bird and be birdman. That is sure to have instant respect cuz I can fly.
  12. We know you got more from this session to share WOW!! She will never drown in a pool.
  13. YOoooooo! That first pic "MIKE" he has a piece still up from the 70's. It is on atlantic ave in bklyn, like on the side of that train line brown wall. Shit is big and just about faded away. DOPE!
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